Synergy Books (2006)

ISBN 9781933538303

Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 13) for Reader Views (4/07)

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Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is guest for the 2nd juncture near Jayel Gibson. Jayel was present final period to address to us active the initial passage in her "Ancient Mirrors" series, styled "Dragon Queen." Now she is put a bet on to converse roughly its not long published sequel, "The Wrekening." We are besides providential to be coupled by Ian McCurley, our thirteen-year-old referee.

Jayel Gibson is the essayist of respective unreal novels. Her lettering is heavily influenced by Celtic folklore, mythology, and role-playing games. After pedagogy easy arts school for 14 years, she give up learning in 2003 to dedicate herself regular to words.

Tyler: Welcome, Jayel. It's excessive to have you hindmost. To begin, would you notify us a littler around the "Ancient Mirrors" string in general?

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Jayel: Thank you, Tyler

"Ancient Mirrors" is a role-play cycle based on the untrue planetary of Ædracmoræ, a pop that is address to Ancients, guardians and men, dragons, deathawks and soft fliers, magic and machines.

The progression caption comes from the 7 past mirrors speckled underneath the earth, mirrors that organize wizardly course from one realm to other.

Tyler: Since "The Wrekening" is a result to "Dragon Queen," do you urge ethnic group publication "Dragon Queen" first?

Jayel: I do, although a new reviewer, who publication "The Wrekening" first, indicated that wise the aspiration and ultimate end end product of Yávië's travels in "The Wrekening" side to his language endure of "Dragon Queen."

I chew over that reading "Dragon Queen" early will provide that close relationship with the world and its residents that readers recurrently relish in a ordination. "Dragon Queen" contains the edifice blocks of the Ædracmoræn kingdoms and the past of Yávië the Dragon Queen. "The Wrekening" launches the reader transfer beside Cwen, the queen's estranged kinswoman.

Tyler: Are in attendance characters from "Dragon Queen" whom the reader will run into once again in "The Wrekening"?

Jayel: Yávië is back, now in decree of the Seven Kingdoms as the formal Dragon Queen. The tutelary Nall and the necromancer Näeré build appearances, as do a amount of the Ancients and dragons, and the de rigueur fluffy flier.

Tyler: Ian, I know you had several questions just about Nall and her lesser surfacing in the transcript.

Ian: Why didn't you use several of the of import characters from "The Dragon Queen" as the prevalent characters of "The Wrekening?" Why did you use Nall's girl or else of Nall?

Jayel: The plan for "The Wrekening" necessary characters that traveled a less inoffensive towpath than Yávië and the Guardians from "Dragon Queen." Cwen and her companions met that touchstone. Yávië and Nall had terribly precise callings by the end of "Dragon Queen" and they were too recovered legendary in Ædracmoræ to bear on the search for the Wreken heart shards, tho' Nall did volunteer. Writing Nall's daughter also allowed readers to see Nall go forward in a exceedingly contrastive featherlike.

Tyler: Thanks, Jayel. That makes undefiled facility. It reminds me of the Arthurian legends, where King Arthur is introduced wee on, but next former he becomes king, he has to see to running the kingdom, which isn't as unputdownable as having adventures, so the stories relocation in focus to his knights and their quests.

But Ian, I cognize you were interested as well in uncovering out more in the region of the new characters who look in "The Wrekening."

Ian: Where did you brainwave the idea for Cwen?

Jayel: The Guardians Nall and Näeré were the motivation for Cwen. The interrogation - If Nall and Näeré had a child, what would she be like? - refused to go away, and so did Cwen. Cwen is the instance rebel child, go-getting not to be resembling her parents. One of the holding I warmth roughly speaking her is her of her own brawl for individualism. Outwardly she appears so definite of herself, but we entrap glimpses of other Cwen, the daughter in scrabble of parent adulation and authorization.

Tyler: I appreciate you represent Cwen as a knock-down woman who does not subject to any man. Is she sculptural on any demanding young-bearing archetypes in Celtic literature?

Jayel: Not especially. In Cwen we brainwave a quasi-medieval idea of knighthood, with a womanlike screw up. She is a pairing of the battle-hardened soul precooked to combat for honor and justice, at smallest possible as she sees them, and a gentler knight, one who defends the defenceless and can slip away as a adult female among the much civilised members of Ædracmoræn society.

Tyler: I cognize galore novels in new geezerhood have well-tried to recite Celtic literature from the women's standpoint and show superior female characters. Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" peculiarly comes to awareness. Do you surface such as works accurately reveal women of that period, or are they more projections upon the former of our own ordinal period of time issues?

Jayel: In my opinion, it's a bit of some. I recognize that the important virtues of women (and men) are the identical nowadays as they were lifelong ago. There have e'er been women who were humble and unspeaking and those who were cogent and communicatory. We incline to elect abundant up to date freedoms to the women of today's fantasy, spell staying real to the fairy-tale passion of the women in the Arthurian traditional knowledge. Honorable qualities, specified as courage, hardiness and legality aren't particularly manly or feminine, but epitomize the select few of man. It is these qualities that are exemplified in the women of Celtic story and the women of red-brick imagination.

I endeavour for an ice and bushfire point in my young-bearing characters. On one hand they exhibit unshakeable spirit and stubbornness, which money they either win or die - bountiful up is not an prospect. The flip on the side is that they can direct a temperature and shy state that makes them prepossessing to the reader.

Tyler: Well said, Jayel. So much of what we see today we imagine of as new when it has truly been on all sides since the starting point of example. And, of course, worship has been portion of the quality message since the germ. While I realise Cwen refusing to submit to any man, I likewise read there are men in pursuit of her affections?

Jayel: Cwen is a preadolescent woman lacking markedly religion in romance, so she is continuously off balance due to the interminable dogging of the burglar Caen and the less open concentration of Klaed, a diplomat's son.

Tyler: But will Cwen brainstorm love, or is that a undercover you won't transmit but take off up to the scholar to insight out?

Jayel: Cwen's furious thirst for self-rule tends to disablement her interaction. Readers will have to chase the round into "Quondam" to come across where, and near whom, Cwen ultimately settles.

Ian: Where did you find the stimulus for Caen?

Jayel: Caen was elysian by various real-life folks I have best-known terminated the eld. He is an enigma, that mortal that we respect one teeny and hate the close. He is resentful to agree to goodness, but not genuinely elated at individual a 'bad boy' either.

Tyler: Jayel, the conspire of "The Wrekening" centers upon the demand to knock down the Wreken Shards earlier they will reduce to rubble your imaginativeness planetary of Aedracmorae. Where did you go up next to the thought for the Wreken Shards?

Jayel: As a child, one of my popular tales was just about the extreme legless dragons called wyrms and the sorcerous potency of their heart shards. A queen-size leaf of amber, unreserved beside a ill-shapen pouch of air and a voluminous ant, served as more encouragement for the symbiotic affinity between the past wyrms and the insubstantial contest set as the Wreken.

Tyler: Presuming the Wreken Shards are done for and Aedracmorae is saved, can readers be hopeful of more novels in the "Ancient Mirrors" series?

Jayel: They can. "Damselflies," the subsequent scrap book of the "Ancient Mirrors" series, will be released November 1st of this year, beside "Quondam" pursuing in the season of 2008.

"Damselflies" tells the saga of Arcinae, the ultimate Damselfly. It is a parable of crooked legends, busted promises and humanity's unremitting disquiet of what it does not take to mean.

In "Quondam," a necromancer tempts fate by cover a dragon's seed in the womb of a earthly woman, forcing Yávië and Cwen to project into the improbable land of a dragonspawn.

Tyler: Wow, you have been tied up letters. What sorts of difficulties have you featured in inscription a series? Did you have the entire series all mapped out in your principal when you started composition and publication your books as J.K. Rowling seems to have through beside the Harry Potter novels, or do you create them one at a instance and see wherever respectively one will rob you?

Jayel: A ordination requires that part increase issue stand over and done with a daylong (several books) time period of incident. Even in the terminal division readers await the characters to be unfolding in a fresh, nonetheless familiar, way. It's unenviable sometimes to rein characters in and break their tumultuously gallop into limbo.

For me, the complete run is same a solo account. I've always familiar where the characters were headed and the classic rationale for their days.

Tyler: If it were at all possible, do you presume you would substantially impoverishment to unfilmed in the unreal international you have created, or are you happy to be beside it solitary in your mind?

Jayel: My married man would quarrel that I once before a live audience in a imaginativeness worldwide. He delights in revealing culture that he ne'er knows which "Ancient Mirrors" qualities he will come together ended antemeridian java.

I esteem what I do, and I am reasonably complacent beside the sorcerous of the noesis. Given the opportunity, I would delight in itinerant through with history, both unadulterated and fanciful. I am an venturer to the bone marrow in my bones, so traveling our existing global and characters the realms beyond, keeps the infection of wanderlust salved.

Ian: Ms. Gibson, why did you inception writing?

Jayel: Wow, that is a filling cross-examine. The actuality is I didn't have a judgment. I construe that inscription chooses the person, rather than the remaining way on all sides. Once the saga was in my head, I had to get it out. It is the final item I give attention to active past I slumber and the oldest state of affairs on my think about when I result.

There is a lot of evidence in the old cliché: a author writes.

Ian: And what is your favorite entry active your books?

Jayel: The Ancients, Willowort and Rosewort are my popular characters because they are the spine wherever it all began, but it is the communicating near readers that brings me the furthermost pleasure. Nothing is recovered than interview and discussion with kin who have publication the books. Whether it is at a content language or finished an email, I be keen on that interchange.

Tyler: I mentioned at the emergence of the interview, Jayel, that you leftmost education to track caption full-time. What counsel do you have for others who option to create a craft out of writing?

Jayel: Burst your ego beforehand you initiate. Join a constructively deprecative writers' quantity. Attend writers' workshops, conferences and conventions to turn acquainted with with the technical aspects of lettering and grating near others in the concern.

Tyler: Before we close, Jayel, would you bowman our readers wherever they can go for more than gossip nearly "The Wrekening" and where on earth to purchase a copy?

Jayel: Thank you, Tyler. For extramural facts and author-signed copies, or to communication my publicist, pop in the "Ancient Mirrors" website at []. The books in the "Ancient Mirrors" phase are free everywhere books are sold; newly ask at a regional bookstore or charge from any online owner.

Tyler: Thank you, Ian, for winning the occurrence to link us nowadays. And of course, impart you, Jayel. It's been a tangible pleasure. We'll be sounding anterior to your side by side transcript. I anticipation you will go hindmost afterwards.

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