To afford the ache for experiment linux so that it is one day your operational system, is one of the objectives of this base camp. The new users of GNU/Linux regularly produce the said errors when they assessment GNU/Linux for the oldest circumstance. The reasons of these errors are numerous: because GNU/Linux is a diametric OS; because Windows gives bad habits; because the someone chooses the bad organisation and considerably of other possibilities. Here quite a few solutions with five on-line problems low GNU/Linux.

1- To make a choice its distribution:

There is more belief on the GNU/Linux arrangement beside which you will have to start, and the figure are not applicable.

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After having to seek, to study, read the opinions of users, near the wire of time, on various distributions, two points arise:

the first: GNU/Linux Bureau is a quiz of taste,

the second: not a arrangement does not enrol both the together of the longest options.

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For launch beside GNU/Linux, it is to push for to plump for among the later distributions, lacking order:

Professional SUSE and, in the future, openSUSE

Linspire Xandros

Fedora Core

Mandriva (in the sometime Mandrake)


2- Is Linux free?

Some contend that all that is side by side to Linux is aweigh. A obedient software package deserves that one pays for him it is obvious, but the fee essential be possible the number of the commercial distributions GNU/Linux for the office costs smaller number than 100$ and is truly awfully flush. The word spreading classification that a very good digit of software are concentrated they too encompass thousands of applications for the business office. The commercialised distributions GNU/Linux include linguistic unit process softwares, P2P, spreadsheet, recital on transparency, impression data file division of video, binary compatibility beside Windows, realistic machine, reading of DVD, Web server, Web navigator, and some of others.

3- The partitions:

With Windows, you are used to to solitary one separator on your sticky disk. It contains the operative system, the applications, the data, and a bad abstraction for your report of Windows interchange (the software uses opportunity on the effortful round shape when the read-write recall is not adequate any more). GNU/Linux functions otherwise. In direct to land the optimum performances of the system, the directory of swop over is on a put a barrier between separator. If you have 512 Mo or 1Go of read-write recall the scope the partition of change (swap) should not be demean than 512 Mo, and not demean than 1Go if you have little than 512 Mo of read-write mental representation.

It is inept to spawn a bigger dividing wall if you use your gadget merely for department computerization applications. With this mixture you can step the residual of your of our own and software system notes on a second divider. It is a superb solution if you ne'er move rock-solid round shape or operational set of contacts. But if you yearning to keep your background and the preferences of the applications which you use, it is to higher do two different partitions for the operative system, the otherwise for your information and your adjustments. that in this manner gives 1 divider nitty-gritty "/", 2 construction "/home". 3 switch the bulkiness depends on the amount of package which you install, but 20 Go are more than than ample for the hedge nub "/"root, the largest cut of your recording essential be to clasp has" /home ", because it is there that you will pool images, films, and some other extended files. It is omniscient to snap 75% of the whole saucer span to the repository /home, the majority of the GNU/Linux distributions can receive the partitions for you, but they have all diverse planning on the figure of partitions to discover and their magnitude. you must determine if you deprivation to alteration the defaulting belief. You can field your Windows partition and gratefulness to the dual-boot to go for to foundation your computing machine either lower than Windows or low GNU/Linux. You essential establish Windows in prototypic to sort merely one construction but not too volumed not to preclude the instalment of GNU/Linux after. And if you deprivation to swop over files betwixt the Windows partition and the GNU/Linux partition, use the filing rules FAT32 to information your Windows divider (Window does not publication the wall unix and unix operating system does not publication partitions NTFS whereas it can publication and author glibly on a set-up FAT32).

4- The Permissions:

With Windows, you are in generalized either an administrator, or a someone with the rights of chief. With GNU/Linux, you are in unspecialized bracket together as a human to restricted access, and you surpass as a bottom (i.e. decision maker beneath Windows) when you must conveyance earth-shattering parameters of the set of contacts or set the arms shape or add or take out a system. This concern based on the permissions makes your set-up bastioned and one is used to quickly, although that is quaint at the starting point.

5- To donate up near the first-year problems:

GNU/linux is not Windows frankincense you get into a new international with new rules. To swot has to germinate/move in this new planetary will cart time, it is natural. It will be vital to revise from new software, a new interface, near a new mode of devising. but onetime passed this perform hardest is made. The commune the forums are sources of shop at as cured as the tract of your giving out if you chose a system commercial. To swot an in operation group is a confront. Essayer Linux is not in information so tough and a piece is assured in any case: more you are frustrated beside Windows and its problems, more the passage to GNU/Linux will be cushy. Good luck! Those which deprivation to establish in office unix system on a laptop will find here The unix system portable computer backing [] a register of the laptop computer on which that was simply done.

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