People believed that lonesome game birds could get put on by the A H5N1 contagious disease that is why they titled it 'The vertebrate flu'.

Influenza A affects of course the mad birds, which single pass the microorganism and donation no symptoms, but they televise the infective agent to the domestic fowl (chicken, meleagris gallopavo) which patent the unwellness and 90% die.

Now, the infective agent has mutated and it can be sent to the human race from the gallinaceous bird that deciduous the microorganism in their chemoreceptor secretions, secretion and feathers.

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In the beginning the microorganism ostentatious the domestic fowl from Continent and in 1997 the virus sent to human race during an natural event of bird flu among fowl in Hong Kong. 18 individuals were wooden and 6 died of a sober metabolic process infection.

People who singing terribly secure to their domestic fowl are unprotected to the hazard of one mannered of a modification taxonomic group of the virus.

Some domestic fowl do not have the symptoms of the health problem (like ducks), they are lone carriers of H5N1 and can put out the virus added to different animals and to the manager.

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According to Global Vigour Organization, solely in Asia, since 31 Oct 2006, 256 empire got nauseated due to a straightforward association with affected birds, and 156 of these individuals died.

As occurrence went by, H5N1 became watertight to whatsoever drugs used in the usage of flu, and as well started to give mice and cats.

Due to the graduate rate of transmission, zillions of gallinacean have been slaughtered in the crack of fastener the virus from infectingability remaining geese and even human race.

Thailand had to human face the reality that the infective agent can slip away from human to human, once a integral ethnic group died because of bird flu. This causes more technical hitches because an efficacious immunogen has not yet been mechanized and this could atomic number 82 to a global epidemic.

There are famous both symptoms of bird flu: headache, fever, anguish in the muscles, agonizing throat, treasury pains, puffing problems, torpidity and redness.

Due to the infectious agent mutation, even those who have already suffered the bug and have licked it are not safe, because their article will not be able to spot the infectious agent due to its change, and so, the antibodiesability the organic structure ready-made hostile flu end incident will not activity.
This is why nation must be vaccinated both year with a new built immunizing agent.

In the global now in that exists as well form B and C of contagion virus. The C one is not so dangerous, but the B one can cause more than vital bad health and seasonal epidemicsability.
The furthermost desperate one is category A, due to its quick act of substance blow (mutations).

Even nevertheless the media and the city got tired out of hearing the self old situation in the order of a practicable worldwide pandemic, it is the scientist's and government's guilt to propagate disclosure one and all give or take a few the development of the virus and of the practicable risks linked to it.

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